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Reign&Co. is the only exclusive community focused on connecting and supporting women in building their wealth and legacy.


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Investing has been a men's club... UNTIL NOW.


you could...

- Network with a group of incredibly successful women investors and entrepreneurs building legacy and wealth.
- Gain access to lucrative private investment opportunities, away from the volatility of Wall Street.
- Invest in both yourself and your future.
- Make your health and well-being a top priority.
- Step outside of your comfort zone and join a community of successful and established women.
- Join a community of successful and driven women that will push you to new heights in all areas of your life!



Reign&Co. is the only exclusive community focused on connecting and supporting women in building their wealth and legacy. Reign provides an authentic community, financial education, and opportunities for wealth building for women.

program benefits

An exclusive community for women, BY WOMEN.

- Masterclass
- Girl Squad Connections - intimate accountability groups.
- Reign Weekly Meetings: Meet weekly to connect with other like minded women focused on building their wealth and legacy. Reign meetings will provide an authentic community, financial education, and opportunities for wealth building.
- Reign’s Private Network: access that allows you to communicate and collaborate with the network in a private space exclusively for Reign&Co. members.
- Access to lucrative private investment opportunities, away from the volatility of Wall Street.
- Reign Events & Retreats: Get away with your girls…

There is a void... and we created Reign to fill it.


When my husband and I first started our entrepreneur journey we quickly realized that although we were making more income than we ever had dreamed we had created a “job” that required us to show up and continue trading our time for money.

We began exploring options of how to leverage other people in our business and leveraging our money through investing in real estate. We started with a goal to buy two single family rental properties a year for the next ten years. This goal would provide us with enough cash flow to retire in 20 years. This quickly escalated and we caught the investing bug! We didn’t stop at twenty but kept snowballing our investments into larger investments, now sitting at over 1690 units.

We scaled our personal portfolio to forty-five single family homes, 3 commercial buildings, and 5 mobile-home parks.


We then went on to build an investment portfolio of over 3000 affordable housing units. We have recently started divesting and are sitting at 1700 units.


We have also scaled and started several businesses as well as several exits including our first business which was on the “Inc 2009 Fastest Growing Companies in America” and exited after ten years of scaling!

You have been sold a lie that the dream is to make a good salary so that you can someday retire. What if you could begin taking your time back now, working because you choose to not because you have to. I have been passively and actively investing for the past 16 years.


Andreea Muresan.

Andreea Muresan

Andreea Muresan is a passionate business professional who loves all things money, spreadsheets and numbers. Over the course of 12 years working in Corporate Treasury and Capital Markets, she held various progressive roles where she gained valuable experience in cash management, risk mitigation and liquidity management, working with top banking experts and negotiating billion dollar financing arrangements.

In the middle of the pandemic, she elected to retire from her corporate career and pursue real estate investing and entrepreneurship, which gave her the ability to design the lifestyle she desired. She spent nearly two years traveling with her husband all over the US, meeting many successful entrepreneurs, looking at real estate deals and just enjoying life.

The challenge Andreea faced time and time again both in corporate and the entrepreneur world is that it was dominated primarily by men. She was often the only woman who had a seat at the table. Her desire is to help women expand their financial knowledge, learn how to build wealth and to create the lifestyle they desire, while having their own seat amongst the men.

Andreea holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, with a Finance Concentration, and she was previously an active Certified Treasury Professional. Personal and professional growth is a core value for Andreea as she continues to seek self-improvement in every area of her life. Her purpose is to love God and to love people as she seeks to help, inspire and motivate others to live their best lives!

Community Pillars


Beyond financial success, wealth encompasses abundance in all its forms. Let’s recognize our worth and invest in our passions. As creators and leaders, we shape our destinies and redefine success on our terms.


Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s an act of self-love. Our bodies and minds deserve nurturing. Prioritizing wellness is a declaration of our commitment to living fully and authentically. Let’s radiate from the inside out.


With every experience, we gather wisdom like precious jewels. Let’s celebrate the strength that comes from navigating life’s twists and turns. Our stories are lessons that empower us and inspire those around us.


Unleash the untamed, wild spirit within you. Embrace your passions, quirks, and dreams with unapologetic enthusiasm. Life is an adventure, and we are the authors of our own wild stories.


Does this sound

- You are a successful woman looking to build or are currently building legacy wealth.
- You are an entrepreneur or career driven.
- You are successful, driven.
- You desire to be around other high achieving women who are on or above your level of success.
- You are looking to step out of your comfort zone and be pushed to new heights.
- You want to make your health and well-being a top priority.
- You want to keep your roles as mom in your relationships a priority.
-You desire authentic relationships.

from our current members



Not ready to commit? If you’re not quite ready to join Reign but would like to get on the waitlist for upcoming deals please fill out the form here.  Assuming there is more space we will open up the opportunity to the general public once the members of Reign have had their opportunity.


If you’ve had an interest in investing and building legacy wealth, then this is the community for you. Let’s get started today…


To join Reign you must be an accredited investor, a driven women entrepreneur, and focused on building your legacy and wealth.

At this time Reign is exclusive to women, if you’re interested in access to the investment opportunities please reach out to team@reignand.co.

Reign will bring lucrative, private investment opportunities to our members. Our target investment sectors are outside of Wall Street’s volatile market. We know you seek out real assets that provide income and help build wealth for future generations, and help you stop trading your time for money.

If you are interested in a payment plan – please reach out to team@reignand.co

We ask that when making a commitment to Reign you consider the time and value you will contribute to your membership. We meet monthly as a group but to get the full value of your membership we urge you to make time for participation in our private network, huddles, and future trips.

At this time Reign is exclusive to accredited investors, if you’re interested in access to investment opportunities for non-accredited investors please reach out to team@reignand.co.

Individuals qualify as accredited if they have a net worth over $1 million, excluding primary residence (individually or with spouse or partner),

Income over $200,000 (individually) or $300,000 (with spouse or partner) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year.


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The only exclusive community focused on connecting and supporting women in building their wealth and legacy.